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Happy Birthday Sugar Magnolia *GIVEAWAY*

527161_277810665656307_1821001427_nHappy 1st Birthday Sugar Magnolia! This Saturday will mark the 1 year anniversary of my very first post on Sugar Magnolia. Writing this blog has been so rewarding and enjoyable. I truly appreciate all of those that keep up with it and encourage me to keep posting. To celebrate, I am giving away a Jordann Jewelry small gold magnolia charm necklace. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment this post and say what your favorite Sugar Magnolia post of all time is. I will announce the winner next Friday, January 18th.


18 Responses to “Happy Birthday Sugar Magnolia *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. Ashley Adams

    Personally, I cannot pick just one post because I would have to say every “Manicure Monday” post is my favorite! I love that you use Essie nail polishes because that brand is my absolute favorite and the colors you’ve advertised in your blog are so fashionable and cute! I always know to look forward to your blogs on Mondays and whenever I am looking for a new nail polish, definitely keep it up!

  2. Brooke Bauerle

    My Favorite Post of the year was your back to school post! I love all the items you recommended espicially the Kate Spade Readers. Great casual, classy, and timeless items for any college student! Keep up the insightful product recommendations and reviews, I love them!

  3. Christina

    My favorite post so far from Sugar Magnolia has got to be when you and your dad went to Colorado to go see Further! I thought it was amazing that your dad loves that band so much that the wanted to bring you all the way to Red Rocks so you could meet his friends and experience his favorite thing in the world with you! I think that is amazing and by far was my favorite post from Sugar Magnolia all year. Although I do love Manicure Monday’s as well 😉

  4. Gabriella Santos

    What a great year of posts Sugar Magnolia has had! I think that my favorite posts over the past year would have to be the “How I Wore It” editions. I love your easy, fun spirited, girly, and most of all reasonable outfits! I think that it gives young women everywhere the opportunity to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Keep up the hard work and dedication! Happy Birthday Sugar Magnolia!

  5. Morgan Gillette

    Ahh. I think it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite post but I’m going to say that I LOVE your recipes ! I can honestly say I’ve tried them all and they are AMAZING!

  6. Jennie Cotoia

    Happy Birthday Sugar Magnolia!!! This has been a great year of great reads. I love the entries about your traveling and family time together. The places you go to and memories you make sound so fun! When your memories include food, it makes them even better because that is one of my favorite things too! Enjoying a delicious meal with family can’t get any better!

  7. Hayley Heatley

    My favorite post is from your 21st birthday! We all had so much fun celebrating with you!

  8. Krystal Molina

    I cant imagine choosing just one post as my favorite. But one post I always look forward to is the quote of the week. There is nothing like some positive words to keep you going. With my super busy life it always nice to read your blog and take a few minutes to really think about your uplifting words. And with knowing that someone with faith that I personally know picked it out makes it that much more special. It is awesome seeing someone that I’ve known for so many years succeed and influencing others lives. You are doing an awesome job, Kealy! It doesn’t go unnoticed, keep it up! 🙂

  9. Rachel Zaccardo

    Well, since you, in general, are my favorite I would have to say your whole blog is the best!! If I had to choose I would say I have three favorite bog posts, the first being your trip to Bermuda with your dad and handsome boyfriend TomTom. The pictures were beautiful and you looked quite perfect! The second would be when you took a picture of my Alex and Ani’s before marketing class and the THIRD would be your 21st Birthday which was the best weekend ever!!!!! The pictures came out so perfect, almost as perfect as you my dear friend! Love ya!

  10. Laura reichart

    I love all of your fahionable articles. They inspire me to look beautiful and stylish everyday!
    -Zlam!!!!! ❤

  11. Erin Gelsomino

    I’d have to say one of my favorite posts was about Chronic Bitch Face because, well lets be serious, we all know I can sometimes suffer from that haha but I just me some Sugar Mag!

  12. Elizabeth Burgess

    I love all of your beauty tips! They are very informative and things I’ve thought about myself. You answered all the questions I would ask. It’s interesting and intriguing !! xoxo

  13. katy Battistoni

    I really liked the MUJI acrylic makeup organizer post. It is inexpensive and really simple. I loved reading what you thought about it!!!

  14. Jenn

    Kealy, your blog is truly amazing and I always look forward to latest posts. Out of all of your wonderful posts my favorite was your top 5 mascaras. I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to what kind of mascara I use. I have always used the Landcome Hypnose and wanted a change. I bought the Dior Diorshow Blackout mascara and LOVE it! Can’t wait to try the YSL next! I look forward to what Sugar Magnolia has is store this year, keep posting!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  15. Megan C.

    Happy birthday Sugar Magnolia!

    I’d love to see a whole post dedicated to the greatness of bulldogs but I’d have to say ‘First ladies of style’ was great!

    Jackie-O is everything!


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