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MUJI Acrylic Makeup Organizer

I posted this picture to my Instagram account a few days ago and have had a lot of friends asking me where I got this acrylic organizer from. I have a smaller one with three drawers that I use for my hair accessories but I really wanted a large one to keep all of my makeup organized.  I used to keep my makeup in one huge makeup bag but now that I am staying put at my house for a while I needed to have a more permanent makeup storage solution. When I go away I can pick and choose what I want to take with me and use a smaller makeup bag. I started out looking for acrylic organizers on eBay and Amazon but quickly realized they were way out of my price range. Being the queen of finding expensive things I want at lower prices, I stumbled across MUJI.com and found this perfect sized organizer for under $30! It has five drawers which fits all of my makeup perfectly and it looks sleek and organized on my bathroom counter.

Get yours here!


2 Responses to “MUJI Acrylic Makeup Organizer”

  1. Hayley Heatley

    I will probably get one with 3 drawers because we all know my makeup will never exceed that amount 🙂 Thanks for the great find keals!

  2. Kealy Stapleton

    They are such an awesome buy at a great price!I might need to get the 3 drawer to stack on top of the 5 if I keep my make up collecting habit up 🙂


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