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Weekend @ Red Rocks

This past weekend, I flew out to Colorado to meet my dad to see three Furthur (band with remaining members of the Grateful Dead) shows at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is a natural open air amphitheater just outside of Denver nestled in between two huge red sand stone rocks. Bands such as U2, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and other jam band types have all graced the stage and in my opinion there is no better place to see a concert. Furthur shows at Red Rocks have become an annual tradition for my dad and some of his buddies and I was lucky enough to score an invite this year. It was my first time ever to Red Rocks and I still am amazed at how beautiful it is. It was a really special weekend filled with good music, great friends, awesome food and beautiful scenery. My dad has been going to dead shows for 30 plus years and I have been to my fair share of them, this weekend making my tenth show. (Although that is nothing in comparison to the amount my dad has been to!) For those of you wondering where I got the name ‘Sugar Magnolia’ for my blog, it is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs. I was even lucky enough to hear it this weekend and it was pretty special because it was the first time I have ever heard it played live. Red Rocks is a truly magical place and I encourage everyone to go if you ever get the chance.

Arriving in style! First picture of the trip
Some wild life spotted on our way to the first show
First night’s show!
Red Rocks from the top
Surrounding landscape. So beautiful!
Contemplating what I got myself into… Totally kidding! It was a blast.
Delicious little spot we had breakfast at. I was loving all of the fall decor.
Tie die was necessary for Red Rocks.
Dad + Me
View from the parking lot. Incredible!


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