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Pretty Stuff – Vignettes

Creating vignettes is always something I have subconsciously done in my spaces. I like to display lots of pictures combined with books and other little trinkets that I have collected over time. As I got older, I realized that creating vignettes can make a place feel like home, even when it is not. I did this in my dorm room on my dresser. Combining items that remind you of a certain time or place can make a place feel really special. Some of my favorite items to create a little vignette with are pretty flowers in mint julep cups, I just picked one up as a souvenir from my trip to Kentucky, candles in hurricane vases, Nantucket lightship baskets, vintage perfume trays, coffee table books, and lots and lots of pictures. Here are some of my own little vignettes in my bedroom.

Two great books to keep a lamp elevated, a Veuve Clicquot tray from my dad to keep my jewelry in at night, some pictures of some of my favorite memories.
I love displaying pictures in silver frames.
One of my favorite things- a vintage perfume tray from my grandmother to display pretty perfumes.
More pictures and glass vases to display my collection of sea glass, shells, and wine corks.
Pretty vase and an angel from my grandmother and a religious painting I bought while in Spain. I also love displaying Hermes boxes.
Pretty books 
On my desk – little silver frame and the shell of a Diptyque candle that I cleaned out and now use to house my pens.

Here are some of my favorite inspirations for creating vignettes in all rooms of the house-


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