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Manicure Monday + How to: Salon Mani at Home!

While I am all for pampering myself, getting a weekly manicure really adds up over time. In an effort to save some money (and build a pretty polish collection!) I have learned the art of the at home salon manicure. I now save trips to the nail salon for special occasions or if my nails are in really bad shape and need some serious professional help.

Here is my how to for doing your own at home salon manicure-

What you will need: (all of these tools can be purchased at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store, I love Tweezerman products and Essie polish which I usually buy at Ulta)

– Nail file

– Cuticle pusher (metal or wooden)

– Cuticle clipper

– Nail buffer

– Cuticle removing gel

– Cuticle moisturizing oil

– Nail polish (duh)

– Top coat (I always am trying new ones. I am currently using one by Orly and is called ‘Won’t Chip’)

Start with clean, polish free nails and shape. I prefer my nails very short and squarish so I can wear vibrant colors without it being overwhelming. 

After shaping, buff nails gently to smooth out ridges.

Apply the cuticle gel and using the cuticle pusher gently push back cuticles on all sides. I would leave trimming the cuticles to the pros unless is something easy to snip off.

Massage in cuticle oil and let sit for a few minutes.

Wash hands thoroughly of cuticle oil and dry completely. If there is any left on the nail the polish won’t stick as well. Paint nail starting from the center then working towards the sides. Apply two coats.

Add a layer of top coat and you are good to go! This week, I used Essie ‘Exotic Liras’

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