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Style Inspiration: Lauren Bush Lauren

The first time I saw a FEED bag, I was instantly intrigued. Being the bag lady that I am, I did a little research and discovered that the bags four letters had a deeper meaning to them. The FEED Project came to life when Lauren Bush Lauren (granddaughter of former President George H. W. Bush, niece of former President George W. Bush, and wife of David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren, how awesome is that?!) traveled around the world as an student ambassador of the United Nations World Food Programme and took a particular interest in their School Feeding Program. That is how the FEED One bag came about. By purchasing one bag it will feed one child for one year. At the age of 27, Lauren Bush Lauren has expanded her vision and turned her FEED Project products into a meaningful and powerful fashion statement and managed to partner her FEED products with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Pottery Barn, Tory Burch, and Harrods to name a few. Today, FEED has donated over $6 million dollars and over $60 million meals, and there is no sign of stopping.

Watch what the FEED Project is all about-

The original FEED One bag
The Tory Burch collaboration bags! Must. Have. One. Now.

Lauren Bush Lauren is a Princeton Graduate and like I mentioned earlier she is wed to David Lauren, son of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren. (Yes, her legal name is Lauren Lauren, she revealed in an interview that it has taken some time to get used to!) The couple met at the Met gala in 2004 and spend every anniversary together by attending every Met gala since. David also proposed to Lauren there. Their wedding at the Double RL ranch in Colorado earned itself a spread in Vogue and who else but her father-in-law, Ralph Lauren, designed her dress that featured intricate beading requiring over 3,000 hours and 100 workers to create. At the age of only 27, Lauren Bush Lauren has accomplished more things than many have in a lifetime and she is an inspiration to me not only for her amazing accomplishments but also as a woman who is passionate about a cause and uses her resources to do something about it.

The handsome couple.
The American royalty Lauren family!

Learn more about the FEED Project and purchase a FEED bag click here.

*Wedding photos courtesy of Vogue


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