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What I’m Reading- The Paleo Solution

Have you guys heard of this book? The first time I heard about the Paleo diet was when I started doing Crossfit about a year ago and found out that it is the diet that many Crossfitters follow. My mom has it laying around the house and I recently decided to pick it up and see what it was all about. I really despise the word “diet.” I have never been a “dieter” and I have always had a good grasp on good nutrition thanks to my mom who taught me that the only way you are going to make a difference in your health is if you make lifestyle changes not by dieting.

This book goes into scientific detail about why the Paleo lifestyle is beneficial for those of you that need scientific proof but in a nutshell you primarily eat meat, fish, seafood, veggies, fruits, and nuts. No pasteurized dairy, wheat (breads, past, etc.), or anything processed for that matter. This is the way that our paleolithic ancestors ate and the way that we were designed to eat. Really pretty basic!

I have decided to slowly start incorporating this way of eating into my lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle also focuses on getting a proper nights sleep and exercise which are two things that I really focus on and are important to any healthy lifestyle. While I am no nutrition expert, I am excited to start trying my best to follow the Paleo lifestyle. I will be sure to keep you all updated on my progress!


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