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Alex and Ani – Positive Energy

I first discovered Alex and Ani this summer in while vacationing in Nantucket. The second I walked into the store I NEEDED to have these bracelets in my life! I thought the best way to start my collection would be to pace myself and start off with just two bracelets and add more as I travel. I decided upon the love charm and the St. Christopher- patron saint of travelers charm. St. Christopher has always been significant to me because of my love for traveling and since I was away from home at the time, I felt it was only right that I bought it. I love that the bracelets are all manufactured in the United States and they are made with recycled materials which makes them Eco-friendly!

My starter bracelets! I have always been a fan of mixing silver and gold. I typically wear more gold than silver, but I never strictly stick to either

After we left Nantucket, we ventured into Boston for a few days where there just so happened to be another Alex and Ani store. Needless to say I felt compelled to add to my collection and it was raining so my dad didn’t mind sitting in the store while I shopped and tried about 100 bracelets on. I decided upon the peace sign charm. 

My current collection.

Some of my sorority sisters were visiting me in Palm Beach this summer and we discovered the store on worth, which is when I added the “om” sign because of my love for yoga. The best part about these bracelets is that each one is meaningful and tells a story. For me, they represent a place that I have been or a passion that I have. My dad bought me a few for my birthday this past year but because I already had some of the ones he got me, I exchanged for one of their charm necklaces which I personalized with another St. Christopher charm and a turquoise nugget. It has become one of my favorite pieces.

My sweet and stylish friend Rachel had her collection on in class the other day. We have the St. Christopher bracelet in common 🙂
Rachel’s bracelets again. Love the turtle!

Next on my list is the Nantucket charm, which came out after I was there so I think it is only right that I go back this summer and buy it :). I am patiently waiting for a Palm Beach charm to come out! They are constantly adding new charms and partnering with different charities which I LOVE! They don’t just carry bracelets and necklaces. They also have earrings, rings, men’s jewelry, and a vintage collection called Vintage Sixty Six.

Check out their website here – Alex and Ani


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