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Conviviality of the Table: All American Meal

Conviviality : relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.
In the Stapleton house,  Sundays are always spent enjoying a home cooked meal with friends and family. Or friends that have become family over time. 

One of my dad’s favorite saying is “It’s all about the conviviality of the table” and it perfectly captures the atmosphere of our Sunday dinners. Feasting with good company! 

So… I have decided to label all of my future posts about food and recipes – Conviviality of the Table. Stay tuned for many, many more posts like this to come.

With that being said, this Sunday we created the all American meal-  Grandma Betty’s Cole slaw, Grandma Dot’s potato salad, and of course FRIED CHICKEN! 

Some of our dear friends got my dad Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook, for his birthday. A perfect present for him! This is where we got the fried chicken recipe.
Thomas Keller is a renowned chef and owner of some of the most famous restaurants in America- The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery, and of course, Ad Hoc- the family style restaurant with a menu featuring one meal that changes daily. (Can’t wait to visit all of these someday!)

My dad decided that we needed an all American meal this Sunday and what is more American than fried chicken?!
Breading the chicken!
We used my Grandma Betty’s, who is my dad’s mom, recipe for the cole slaw and my Grandma Dot’s, who is my mom’s mom, recipe for the potato salad (This recipe has remained a secret in my family and only after 20 years of life has my mom felt that I have earned enough trust to finally get the recipe. Yes, food is that serious in our family.)

I made a baked brie with raspberry jam to start. It was delish!
I love eating at a properly set table- it adds to the conviviality!
Just a funny little story from the night- just before we were about to sit down to eat, the fire alarm went off in our building. This was no ordinary fire alarm. It was more like a deafening, ear drum popping, can’t hear yourself think kind of fire alarm and it went on for about 25 minutes. But we went on our merry way trying to enjoy our dinner and just as I was giving my spiel on how this is my grandma’s recipe and it took me 20 years of life to finally get, the fire alarm stopped. It was a very cool touch from my Grandma Dot up in heaven letting us know she was with us 🙂

The spread
I wish I had taken pictures of the desserts- “death by chocolate cookies” and an apple tart with vanilla ice cream. A perfect way to end an all American meal!

Visit Thomas Keller’s website here-


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