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Local Find: Lola Chiq Boutique

Today I made the journey to Downtown at the Gardens to take a trip to Whole Foods, I figured since I drove all that way (and had absolutely nothing else to do this afternoon) I might as well do a little shopping! As I was aimlessly wandering, I was pleasantly surprised to find a string of boutique shops selling anything from organic dog food to candles in the shape and size of birthday cakes, where not so long ago you could only find vacant store fronts for rent.

My favorite is a little boutique is called Lola Chiq. The store opened September 1st of 2011 and is owned by two sisters, Marietta and Maria, originally from Puerto Rico but now live in Jupiter.

The store is beautifully merchandised, I am totally obsessed with these cuffs! It took all of me not to buy every single one.

My faaaaavorite part about Lola Chiq- everything is under $100 dollars! That is my kind of store! I love the idea of an affordable boutique with unique pieces.

After trying on about every necklace and bracelet in the store, I finally went with this chunky statement necklace with large light blue stones. I couldn’t believe it was only $26! LOVE!

If you are in the Palm Beach Gardens area, stop in and check them out.



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